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USA 2018Dallas Rolex Tower

8F / 4BF

The Rolex Customer Center is located at the border between the grid shaped streets on the edge of the city center of Dallas and the surrounding zones. This glass tower has a stone wall podium in order to alleviate the elevation differential of the site and protect the building from the traffic in Dallas. The stone wall was built using the Ano masonry technique used to build the stone walls for castles in Japan by Ano-shu craftsmen who carry on this tradition with granite sourced in America.

The glass tower that was built on top has two types of grids which connect it to the ground in an intervening manner, and is twisted in a spiral shape that appears to disappear as it reaches for the sky. The tower is covered with horizontal louvers to protect it from the strong sunlight in Dallas, and the louvers were provided with a wood texture in order to make it feel warm and highlight the dynamic twists.

Team Balazs Bognar, Hannah Appelgren, Adrian Yau*, Aigerim Szyzdykova* Construction Sphinx Construction Group, HCMS Cooperation L.A. Fuess Partners Facility Blum Consulting Engineers Accumulation Sphinx Construction Group Illumination Harwood Design Factory Others Sadafumi Uchiyama Landscape Architect With Walker Macy, Halff Associates Publication Nikkei Architecture 2016/01/28 No.1064 Photography ©︎ Balazs Bognar, ©︎ Erieta Attali, ©︎ Leonid Furmansky, ©︎ Rolex Cedric Widmer