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Toyo University 3rd term
The third phase of the project for Toyo University at Akabanedai is scheduled to be complete in 2023.
The layout is an extension from the planning of the 1st and the 2nd phase of this project, which is based on the street as the core.
The 3rd phase will be the three campuses relating to each other across the public street, forming an organic, single town.
The 2nd and the 3rd campuses are connected by the bridge, so the street links the functions of the gymnasium and the library, or of other public activities.
For the wall of the streets, the aluminum panels with wood grain and slit-shaped openings are applied randomly according to the necessity from the interior.
The façade therefore can offer a feel of warmth and liveliness of a town, and can work as a device to enhance various communications among people.
The gymnasium is built with mixed structure of wood and steel, which enables the wooden frame to resonate with the wooden panels on the façade.

Team Kenji Miyahara, Suguru Watanabe, Ryuta Nomura, Tomoyuki Yokoi* Cooperation Daiken Sekkei Facility Daiken Sekkei