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Japan 2000Sakushin Gakuin University


We wanted to create a campus that felt like a “village” by randomly arranging multiple structures around a central plaza overflowing with green and water.

We placed a small mound and large steps in the middle of the plaza in order to enable students to experience exterior space that would enable them to be aware of Mother Earth. The library on one side of the plaza was embedded into the earth when it was built, and the cafeteria was built to appear like it was floating on water, inducing various types of dialog between architecture and the earth.

Team Yoshinori Sakano* Award 2001年 照明普及賞(優秀施設賞) Publication JA : The Japan Architect 2000/Summer 38 kengo kuma 隈研吾 , Shinkenchiku 2000/06 , Shinkenchiku 2000/06 , Shinkenchiku 2000/06 , GA JAPAN 44 , Shinkenchiku 2000/05 , Nikkei Architecture 2000/05/01