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China 2023Hyatt Centric Gaoxin Xi’an


In Xian, China, known for being the ancient capital at the starting point of the Silk Road, we designed an iconic hotel that blends history and the present-day.
The façade is inspired by silk, the trade that prompted the cultural and social interactions characteristic of the Silk Road. Using anodized aluminum louvers woven in multiple layers, we were able to achieve a delicate crafts-like expression, despite using an industrial material. The deep screen which acts as a passive solar strategy, reflects the changing sunlight, giving the architecture a glow reminiscent of silk.
By positioning public functions such as the entrance lobby and dining to face a garden at the ground level, the base of the building opens to the city, creating an oasis for the community.

Team Jun Shibata, Taro Awano* Cooperation Structural Net