Japan 2011Mêmu Meadows

Residential | Hospitality
Renovation | Completed

Mêmu Meadows is the reforming of a racehorse farm (Taiki Farm) into research, education, and training facilities exploring sustainable solutions for architecture and cities. The project consists of two parts: The first is a group of experimental houses built in the grasslands. The second is the renovation of former horse stables and the indoor riding arena into university laboratories, accommodation, and training facilities.
The former stables were renovated into accommodation facilities, a conversion of housing for horses to housing for humans. Parts of the indoor arena with its circular 30-meter-long track were transformed into a restaurant and bar. State-of-the-art environmental technology was deployed in these renovation designs.
We designed the first experimental house in 2011. Every following year a competition took place where the selected work was to be built. The buildings designed by Waseda University (2011), Keio University (2012), Harvard University (2013), and the University of California, Berkeley (2014) have been built with students participating in the construction process. In the future, the hope is to have a sustainable housing village unlike any other in the world that will emerge in the prairies.

Team Kenji Miyahara, Takumi Saikawa*, Tsuyoshi Kanda* Construction Takahashi Koumuten, Kyoritsu Industries Cooperation Factor M, Yasushi Moribe Facility Okuhara Others Tomonari Yashiro Lab / Institute Of Industrial Science, The University Of Tokyo, Hokkaido Alfa, Kamiyama Denki Award Good Design Award 2012 (Mêmu Meadows) Publication Shinkenchiku 2013/02 , Shinkenchiku 2017/8 No.92 , Shinkenchiku 2017/6 , Shinkenchiku 2017/01 , Shinkenchiku 2016/09 , Shinkenchiku 2016/4 , Shinkenchiku 2016/02 , Shinkenchiku 2015/06 , Shinkenchiku 2015/01 , Shinkenchiku 2015/01 , Shinkenchiku 2014/06 , Shinkenchiku 2014/01 , Shinkenchiku 2014/01 , Shinkenchiku 2013/06 , Shinkenchiku 2013/04 , Shinkenchiku 2013/03 , Shinkenchiku 2013年1月 , Shinkenchiku 2012年9月 , Shinkenchiku 2012/09 , Shinkenchiku 2012/01 , GA JAPAN 114 , Shinkenchiku 2011/06 , Shinkenchiku 2011/06 Photography ©︎ Shinkenchiku