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Japan 2022Shizuku Shizuku-Kohroh

Product | Exhibition

The “Shizuku Shizuku” brand was launched by Kengo Kuma and his team with the aim of communicating Japan’s ancient aesthetic and lifestyle to the world.
As the first work, “Kohroh” will be exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2022 in Tokyo from 10th to 13th March, and will be auctioned afterwards.

Now that the Corona disaster has deprived us of various freedoms, we have rediscovered the importance of fragrances that give color to beautiful memories and comfort to our hearts, and have created five scents inspired by five different places in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Karuizawa, Mt.Fuji, Okinawa) .

For more information about the “Shizuku Shizuku Kohroh”, please visit the special website.

Team Kazuhiko Miyazawa, Erika Mikami Others Yokoyama Bamboo Products, Savor, Yamaguchi Pottery Store Photography ©︎ Kazuhiko Miyazawa