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Japan 2007Yien East


Creating new buildings (islands) that are floating on the water garden at adjacent land of the famous garden that is crated by Jihei Ogawa (common name: Uuji). The theme of Uteri’s garden was water. And we followed his team with modern design method. And functions of residence is floating on the water separately and it looks like an archipelago. This residence is not a closed plan to the surroundings. It is opened and discrete plan.

This residence is not only discrete for the plan but also historical.Wooden gate, Noh-stage of Yokoyama house in Kanazawa, Shoin that were constructed in Edo era originally and present that are responding to residential functions are positioned in buildings. These are connected by flow if the water.

Team Minoru Yokoo, Takumi Saikawa* Construction Taisei Corporation, 中村外二工務店 Cooperation Oak Structural Design Facility P.T.Morimura & Associates Illumination ALG-Architectural Lighting Group Publication GA HOUSES 102 , GA HOUSES 92 Photography ©︎ Daici Ano