Japan 2024AKANE


We designed furniture using wood from Kishu, Wakayama Prefecture, one of the centers of Japan’s forestry industry which has a unique origin: Akane-wood.
Akane-wood is wood that has been eaten by the larvae of “Suginoakanetorakamikiri”, a Japanese cedar woodpecker and is often discarded as defective despite its strength and durability.
We designed two chairs by making the most of the unique appearance of Akane-wood. One is a design that takes advantage of the beauty of the large boards and the other is a design in which the curved surfaces of the thick boards are carved out.
We wanted to create a stir against environmental problems and at the same time, convey a generous aesthetic sense typical of Kishu by seeing beauty in the insect-eaten appearance of the wood.

Team Hirotaka Mashiko, Seita Mochizuki Construction ESTORAGE CO.,Ltd.