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Japan 2012JP Tower

38F / 4BF

We worked on a project of preserving and renovating Tokyo’s Central Post Office, designed by Tetsuro Yoshida (completed in 1933) into a commercial facility. Given the unusual shape of the site, Yoshida used many octagonal pillars imparting a subtle atmosphere to the rigid-frame (rahmen) RC structure.

KKAA’s design reinterprets Yoshida’s octagon, creating a “pillar of light” from metal chains. We also developed glass elements within the building, including handrails, on which a pattern of thin lines is printed, adding delicacy of the line to the modernism of Yoshida.

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Team Atsushi Kawanishi*, Minoru Yokoo, Satoshi Sano*, Nahoko Terakawa, Tessei Suma* Construction Taisei Corporation Cooperation Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Facility Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Exterior PLACEMEDIA, Landscape Architects Collaborative Illumination Uchihara Creative Lightning Design Publication Casa BRUTUS 2024/6 vol.290 , Shinkenchiku 2015/04 , Nikkei Architecture 2013/05/25 No.1000 , Casa BRUTUS 2013/06 vol.159 , GA JAPAN 122 , JA : The Japan Architect 2013/Winter 88, YEARBOOK 2012 , Shinkenchiku 2012/11