©Noboru Aoki (Shincho-Sha)

Japan 2015MushizuKa


Mushizuka is a transparent mound for the repose of insects, which sits in the precinct of Kamakura’s Kencho-ji Temple. It is an attempt to reverse the idea that “monuments should be solid”, usually tending to be built of stone or bronze. The idea came from the anatomist Dr. Takeshi Yoro, who is also an insect collector.

We made boxes with stainless steel wire mesh that give an impression of insect cages. 40 boxes in total stack up in spiral to express the insects gliding high in the sky. The mesh is clay-sprayed by Shohei Hasado, which contains glass fiber and local earth. While retaining clearness of the structure, we managed to create unique materiality that feels soft and warm.

Team Shin Oba, Mamiya Tanaka* Construction Misumi Kensetsu Cooperation Ejiri Structural Engineers Exterior Misumi Kensetsu Publication JA : The Japan Architect 2017/Winter 104 , Shinkenchiku 2015/11 , Shinkenchiku 2015/10 , Casa BRUTUS 2015/10 vol.187 Photography ©︎ Noboru Aoki / Shinchosha