© Daichi Ano

Japan 2002Shizuoka International Garden and Horticulture Exhibition, Pacific Flora 2004


A proposal for a gate like a bamboo forest.
My intention was to create a vague boundary between the inside and the outside by making the boundary as a region having a certain thickness, instead of a clear-cut one.
To be more precise, 2.328 pieces of bamboo were hung down to come up with an atmosphere of a bamboo forest, and were named a ‘gate’. The periphery of this bamboo forest is softly wrapped with highly transparent, yet very inexpensive agricultural mesh.

Team Tetsuji Kuroda* Publication Nikkei Architecture 2005/05/02 No.795 , JA : The Japan Architect 2005/Winter 56 YEARBOOK2004 , Nikkei Architecture 2004/05/31 No.771 , Casa BRUTUS 2004/06 vol.51 Photography ©︎ Daici Ano