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Japan 2020The Tokyo Edition Toranomon

38F / 3BF

“Creating an intimate space like a forest” was our aim of this project, which was realized with the abundant use of natural materials where guests could nestle into in comfort.

We used different finishing materials – oak, walnut, washi and limestone – for each space, and created a simple and refined space as a whole that could celebrate the first arrival of The Edition in Japan.

Ian Schrager, the Art Director of the hotel, is a legendary figure who produced venues such as Studio 54 and Palladium, which are said to have brought about a drastic change into New York’s nightlife.

We discussed the future of Tokyo in the 21st century over and over, and the hotel was born as a result of it like a warm and fine living room, which had not existed in Tokyo before.

Team Shin Oba, Kazuyo Nishida, Tomoyo Sakane*, Masato Shiokawa*, Yohei Mochizuki Construction Shimizu Corporation Cooperation Shimizu Corporation Facility Kenchiku Setsubi Sekkei Kenkyusho Exterior Ballistic Architecture Machine Illumination ISOMETRIX Publication Casa BRUTUS 2021/03 vol.251 , Shoten Kenchiku 2021/02 vol.66 No.2 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/12/24 No.1182 , Casa BRUTUS 2021/01 vol.249 , Nikkei Architecture 2020/11/12 No.1179 , Nikkei Architecture 2019/08/08 , Casa BRUTUS 2018/11 vol.224 Photography ©︎ Naomichi Sode / SS